In our online store you can buy pastry displays and ice cream displays to expose the food. The pastry display decorates the store making the goods more visible and consequently encouraging the sale, but to satisfy the customers the products must be well preserved because the goods sold in pastry shops is easily perishable. Our panoramic pastry displays are available in different models, equipped with rotating shelves, sliding and opening doors and internal lighting system to observe the exposed good at 360°.

Pastry displays for bars and pastry shops for sale online

Professional ice cream displays are what you need to store fresh or dry pastry products, pastry displays are perfect for storing and displaying desserts, delicious pastries and delicious cakes within their working activities. In the catering sector and in the confectionery sector the visual impact has a primary role. On sale online vertical displays for pastry available in various sizes and types to meet all kinds of demand especially for space. Available online models with various capacities and different numbers of shelves, pastry and ice cream displays with sliding or hinged doors, on our catalogue you can choose from a wide range of ice cream showcases that can meet every need, choose your ice cream display and buy it at the lowest price.

Pastry display: which one to buy?

When you have to choose the pastry display the first doubt is to whether to choose a static or ventilated one. The sweets display as you know is important because who enters a pastry shop loves to see all products exposed in plain sight, here comes the showcase that serves to attract customers but primaily serves to preserve the products in excellent condition. The refrigerated pastry display then, as well as completing the furniture of the room, puts the products in plain sight and ensures a perfect preservation. Refrigerated pastry displays are made of stainless steel have devices inside for electronic control of temperatures and humidity. The choice of a pastry showcase static rather than dynamic varies according to the product that has to be stored. The static showcase uses a refrigerant gas that is pushed into the internal circuit by a compressor. Stati ventilation does not "dry the product”, always maintaining the right degree of humidity in both sweet and savoury products. The ventilated pastry showcase uses instead a fan and not a compressor. Fresh air remains constant and the temperature is more homogeneous and is ideal for storing almost all kinds of food.