The warming plates are useful equipment to keep at the right temperature ready meals such as pizzas, piadinas, and bruschette directly on plates, trays or containers. The warming plates for sale on our online store are perfectly matched to infrared heating lamps also used to offer food at the right temperature. The food heating lamp keeps the dishes warm ready for the time needed, all models are equipped with adjustable thermostat and power switch, are also made of sturdy stainless steel, a material highly hygienic and easily washable according to HACCP. The warming plates work thanks to coils assisted by low-consumption infrared lamps, choose from our online catalogue and find the model that can meet your needs made according to current CE regulations.

Food heating lamps are useful accessories in the professional kitchens of hotels, restaurants, fast food, pizzerias, catering services and self-service, prevent food from getting cold during the range between preparation and table service. Browse the complete catalogue and never again without food heating lamps, any product that should be served hot can benefit from the utility of an infrared heating lamp for kitchen, the heat is radiated so that it does not burn the food. Food heating lamps are designed to minimize energy loss and are easy to maintain.