Among the necessary equipment in the kitchens we find professional salamanders to garnish, cook and keep food at the right temperature. The kitchen salamander can be both gas and electric and is useful both in large professional kitchens and in small laboratories to best enhance the taste of the dishes through the right cooking method. The salamander is perfect for grilling and toastin food because the crust that is formed gives the food an attractive look and makes it tastier, is also widely used to keep food at a certain temperature. Browse the online catalogue of professional kitchen salamanders produced with first choice materials and equipped with CE mark, our proposals are all made of stainless steel and are available in different sizes. Some models are also equipped with collection drawer, where are collected the cooking residues allowing you to always work in a clean environment, also thanks to the possibility to vary the height of the resistance and the temperature thermostat you can always get perfect gilding.

Electric salamanders are used in bars and pubs especially for warming toasts and sandwiches, while in professional kitchens is mainly used for browning and melting cheese. The electric or gas salamander has a powerful grill and has open sides for an easy use. The heat source is located at the top of the oven to facilitate the surface heating of dishes.