Our store offers you a whole section dedicated to the online sale of heated countertop displays suitable for all commercial activities that supply hot sweets and savoury food directly to the customer. On our online store you can choose between counterop displays to keep warm brioches, croissants, muffins and baked goods such as pizza, heated displays are ideal for public places such as bars, pastry shops, restaurants, buffets, self service and even autogrill. Discover our wide range of products, each display is made with innovative materials of high quality and attractive design. Each bar display is highly performing and reliable, composed of shelves and transparent doors that can be opened to keep the products in plain sight. Display croissants, pizzas and appetizers while keeping them warm to offer your customers products as if they were freshly baked, on our online store you will find specialized equipment for the display and storage of sweet and savoury baked goods available in different sizes and materials, a wide range of displays for hot brioches and croissants. Our heated countertop displays are highly professional and are made in compliance with HACCP regulations imposed by the EC. Gastronomic activities such as bars and pubs are trying to adapt to pace of life more and more hectic and to do this they need a bar display, an essential choice to increase the income. Well-exposed products attract customers and with the right sweet display you can not only expose them but also keep them at the ideal temperature to be consumed in an express way. The brioches display is a functional module to be placed in your restaurant and unlike other heating systems, the brioches displays heats up evenly and keeps the temperature always constant.

Heated countertop displays for sale online

How to choose displays for croissants

On Ristosubito.com you will find a wide range of croissants displays ideal for bars, gastronomies and diners. The displays for croissants are more generally used by bars to keep warm croissants and brioches. To choose the right croissants display you must follow some precautions, first the choice must be made according to the type of food. In fact, the heated displays for croissants and brioches differ from the heated countertop displays for diners and gastronomies. Another element to not underestimate is the number of shelves, we can have countertop displays with 1 or more shelves. The brioches display keeps food or ingredients at the ideal temperature and at the same time allows you to optimize the space. The heated countertop displays have a heating system that works thanks to the resistances with thermostat temperature regulation. Some heated countertop displays for croissants are also equipped with a humidification system to keep the food soft and fragrant longer. The structure of the heated countertop displays for croissants can be made of stainless steel or plexiglass with glass or doors on both sides to be place on a counter or on a table for breakfast, buffet or self-service.