Our online store offers a complete selection of top quality wine coolers. Buy a wine cooler, the best way to ensure that the wine is stored at the proper temperature and with the right degree of humidity. The use of wine coolers is essential for activities such as wine shops, wine bars and restaurants, are indispensable professional equipment if you want to fully meet the needs of your customers. Wine coolers are used to white wines and sparkling wines at a temperature that can vary from 8°C to 13°C, while the red wines between 14°C and 18°C, but wine coolers are not only functional, in fact also the aesthetic side is taken in serious consideration so you can buy online wine coolers with a refined design.

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Today more and more people are passionate about wine tasting, but for this to become a sublime experience a high quality wine is not enough, to highlight its organoleptic qualities a climatized wine cooler is necessary. In order to be well preserved, the wine must be kept in a dark place, at the right degree of humidity and the ambient temperature must oscillate between 13°C and 20°C depending on the type of wine we have to preserve. Once upon a time there were several houses that owned a wine cellar, considered the optimal place to store wine bottles, today, however, it's not always possible to own it because of the reduced houses, but progress quickly came to our aid with the production of wine coolers.

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Do you want to preserve the organoleptic properties of your wine? Enter now in our eshop and buy from the comfort of your home with a wine cooler, also available models that allow you to store different types of wine at the same time thanks to the divided temperature regulation. The wine coolers are equipped with internal fans for air recycling and avoid temperature changes. On sale also wine coolers suitble also for home use, quiet and with low energy consumption.

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Storing a wine bottle over time requires two essential requirements: that the wine is of good quality and that certain conditions of the environment are respected. The ideal setting includes some features such as: absence of light, cool environment with temperature between 10/16°C, a constant degree of humidity (minimum 60%), bottles in horizontal position and absence of odours and vibrations. Such conditions are easy to find in underground environments, but few have such luck. However, there's a valid alternative to the classic wine cellar and that is the wine cooler. The wine coolers can be air-conditioned or temperate, i.e.; the conditioned wine cooler is equipped with a single area of constant controlled temperature which can be usually regulated from 5°C to 20°C. Temperated wine coolers are instead characterizes by having two or more temperature areas with different degree that are independently adjustable. This allows you to simoultaneously keep bottles of red wine, withe wine and champagne at their ideal tasting temperatures. Some models of temperated coolers allow a stratification of the temperature zones in a decreasing way from top to bottom, so that red wine can be stored at 18°C in the upper part, in the lower one the sparkling wines at 5°C, and in the central one the white and rose wines at their tasting temperatures.

Wine cooler: why buying one?

The wine cooler is a sophisticated refrigerator made specifically to store wine at the right temperature, in order to preserve its characteristics for long periods of time. A refrigerated wine cooler is externally composed of a double tempered glass door, that thermally insulates and protects against lights. On the inside, the wine cooler has a cooling system that allows you to set the ideal temperature, one or more fans ensure the movement of the air, ensuring a uniform temperature. Humidity and lighting are also controlled. The first one is essential to avoiding drying the cap, while the light is used to easily read the labels of the bottles. Wine coolers are useful for those who do not have a space that ensures the proper storage of wine but especially to those who love to collect it and therefore have bottles to store for several years.