Bread moulders are food machines for bread shape's process useful to save time ensuring maximum safety and hygiene. Pizza moulders create round, square or hexagonal shapes ensuring accurate and high quality processing. The rounding machine is a necessary machine for the bakeries and the activities of the backery sector, it optimizes the dough forming phase by creating precise pieces in a short time. During the forming phase the dough is given a final shape thanks to the adjustable steel cylinders and carpets that allow to gradually roll the dough. Our rounding machines allow you to produce with the highest quality different dough shapes, both flat and elongated shapes. Their operation is very simple, they're in fact composed of an introduction belt that directs the dough towards parallel cylindrical rollers that reduce the thickness by crushing it. Only after this process the dough is rolled and stretched by two opposing strips that rotate in the opposite direction at different speeds.

With a moulder machine you can obtain shapes of bread and baked goods both flat and long, you can make shapes such as strands, loaves, breadsticks, baguette and hot dog, in addition, by blocking the rotation of the tape and adjusting the thickness of the cylinders, you can obtain focaccia, pizzas, wraps, arabic bread and much more. Bread moulders are highly functional food machines, in fact with only two simple cylinders adjustable with two handles you can obtain different variations of bread, in addition to having the regulation of the thickness of lamination they're also equipped with an anti-waste device that is needed to reduce the leftovers.