Soap dispensers perfect for maximum hygiene in the bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, bars and all work environments where you are always in contact with food. Liquid soap dispensers are functional, practical and have excellent durability, discover the models of liquid soap dispensers for walls for sale on our online store, with the ideal design for any style of furniture. Wall mounted soap dispensers are an essential accessory for any public bathroom, washing hands after using the toilet is essential, and with our wide proposals following this simple rule of hygiene will be very simple, available online classis dispensers for liquid, foam or cream soap, which can be dispensed manually by special levers or buttons operated by the user, or you can opt for an automatic soap dispenser, equipped with photocell sensor, for an even more hygienic use.

There can be no public bathroom without soap dispenser to wash hands and avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. On our online store you can buy soap dispensers for professional and public environments, the dispensing of liquid soap can be done manually by button or automatically thanks to a photocell sensor. Buy online a soap dispenser for your toilets, the fewer opportunities for contact with external surfaces during hand washing, the more effective the daily action will be and nowadays there are several equipment that can provide for this task. The soap dispensers on the market are available in various colours and sizes and allow more or less large capacities, you can find solutions on sale that are directly applicable on the wall. Check our online range and find the most suitable product, professional soap dispensers for sale online at the best price, robust, practical and above all hygienic.

Soap wall dispensers are made of a rubber tank, which can be glass or steel, which contains the professional soap at the top and a lever or button at the bottom that at the pressure makes the soap flow into a cannula and releases it directly on our hands ensuring hygiene and reducing soap waste. Our online catalogue also contains sanitizing columns, the hands sanitizing column is now mandatory in all public places.

Soap dispensers: hygienic and practical

Discover the wide range of soap dispensers to choose according to your needs. The soap dispenser is convenient, practical and hygienic, ideal for the toilets of public places with high attendance, soap dispensers are very useful and must comply with specific standards, whether it is dispensers for commercial areas, such as hotels and offices, or soap dispensers for domestic environments, such as private bathrooms or soap dispensers for your kitchen. We can distinguish two main categories of soap dispenser:

  • Wall mounted pressure soap dispensers, the most classic that are operated by a simple press on buttons or levers, and allow you to manually dose the soap you want to use.
  • Wall mounted automatic soap dispensers, they work thanks to photocell sensors that reveal the proximity of the hand and automatically release the detergent in a fixed dose.

Another differentiation concerns the consistency of the soap that is dispensed, some in fact are born to dispense liquid soap, other models have a mechanism inside that incorporates in the detergent small air particles to give the typical foamy appearance. The choice always depends on your needs, discover all the soap dispensers available in our complete online catalogue.