Professional cooking equipment is useful for any catering business, machines such as pastry fryers, over-the-counter fry top, over-the-counter electric cookers, rice cookers, piadina cookers, bain-marie, grills and kitchens. The online catalogue offers for sale the latest generation of cooking products, available online various models of industrial kitchens ideal for restaurants, pastry shops, pizzerias and other activities. All cooking products meet the different needs of space and performance that a specialized professional kitchen must have, all equipment, from hobs to special machines such as pasta or rice cookers are equipped with optimization systems and energy consumption control, ensure high performance by minimizing downtime to ensure maximum yield in the kitchen. Quality components, excellent insolation and precise regulation to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and ISO certifications. Among our proposals for restaurants you will find:

  • Electric and gas cookers
  • Electric and gas fryers, over-the-counter or with cabinet
  • Electric and gas fry top
  • Electric and gas grills for cooking meat, fish and vegetables
  • Electric and gas pasta cookers
  • Electric and gas bain-marie
  • Potato warmers
  • Neutral elements
  • Piadina cookers

Professional cooking equipment for sale online

All hotel or catering activities need to cook food using professional equipment, visit the category of our online shop dedicated to everything you need to set up a professional kitchen for sale at a super affordable price. You can buy fryers, gas cookers, pasta cookers, fry top, grills and much more to ensure the best performance in terms of cooking and preparation inside kitchens of restaurants, bars, cafes, butcher shops, diners, canteens, fast food, street food, poultry shops or catering activities. Check out our advantageous prices and buy now online robust and efficient machines for professional cooking entirely in stainless steel with high quality standards.

Professional cooking: all the equipment available for your kitchen

If you're looking for the best professional cooking equipment on Ristosubito you will find a wide range of products, all of the highest quality like professional kitchens, professional deep fryers, professiona fry tops, big pans, braziers and much more. All cooking equipment solutions available in our online catalogue are practical solutions that are used for cooking food, among the most important are the professional gas or electric kitchens. They can have from 4 to 6 burners, ideal for professional kitchens that need to cook several foods simultaneously and quickly. All cooking equipment used in professional kitchens are made of stainless steel, an extremely functional and practical material that greatly facilitates cleaning and sanitation.