What does convection oven mean?

The professional convection oven was born with the introduction of steam in the equipment used in the kitchen for cooking food. We talk about thermal convection when hot air comes into contact with food of lower temperature: the heat rises from the bottom up and the cold air makes the opposite movement, generating the convective motions. Cooking dishes with air ventilation inside the heat chamber will be more homogeneous. The professional convection oven is characterized by a closed chamber in which the heat, generated by a resistance is evenly distributed.

Thermal convection occurs when hot air comes into contact with food at a lower temperature: the heat rises from the bottom up and the cold air makes the opposite movement, generating the convective motions. The cooking of the dishes, thanks to the ventilation of the air inside the heat chamber, will certainly be more homogeneous. Convection cooking is particularly useful for those who need to make different types of cooking in the kitchen. The convection oven is a highly versatile professional appliance and is in fact used in several occasions, is ideal for grilling, roasting and steaming. Ristosubito offers for sale online different types of convection ovens such as:

  • Static ovens, are characterized by the temperature that is regulated by the thermal diffusion obtained by the action of electrical resistances or gas burner, these models do not allow you to act in the cooking chamber with other variables such as ventilation or steam, used to make more sophisticated cooking of food. Both electric and gas ovens are available online.
  • Ventilated ovens or also known as forced convection ovens, where one or more fans operate a motion of hot air inside the cooking chamber. Also this type of ovens can be both electric and gas. Forced convection brings significant advantages over static cooking such as greater uniformity and reduced cooking times, in addition, the ventilation prevents odors from mixing with each other allowing the cooking of several foods simultaneously.
  • Steam convection ovens, are forced convection ovens with the addition of steam function. One appliance is able to make different types of cooking, the convection and steam oven performs most of the cooking processes while significantly eliminating the use of fires.

Convection ovens: electric or gas?

In addition to the above distinctions, convection ovens differ in: electric convection ovens and gas convection ovens. The electric convection ovens can determine good work result, are made for professionals but are also suitable for domestic use thanks to their intuitive use. The electric convection oven is made of stainless steel both inside and out, this ensures a better total cleaning. Available convection ovens or mixed convection/direct steam ovens. The cooking method of gas convection ovens always uses hot air circulation inside the oven through fans, preventing food from drying out thanks to humidification the difference lies in the type of supply that is gas. The latter of course require higher costs to be installed, to connect the electric convection ovens an electrical outlet is sufficient, unlike gas convection ovens that require an adequate gas connection.

What are the convection cooking?

Convection cooking has many advantages, ensures greater control of cooking activity and a lower loss of nutritional and organoleptic qualities of food. Cooking by convection oven has great benefits for foods that needs to be roasted such as meat and vegetables, they cook faster and more evenly. Cooking by convection creates steam and dissolves fat parts quickly, facilitating the baking of cakes and pastry products. In addition, the circulation of hot air allows you to cook with more baking pans and reduce the preparation time.

Mixed convection ovens: which ones?

The mixed convection ovens with steam or multifunctional ovens differ in two types depending on the method of steam generation:

  • Steam ovens with direct jet, in which injectors spray water particles directly on the heating elements in the cooking chamber, the fan, in turn, mists the steam evenly; being the steam generated by the convection burner, they cannot cook only with steam obtaining a more aggressive steam than the saturated one.
  • Steam ovens with indirect jet, in which steam is generated through a self-contained boiler located outside the cooking chamber; this kind of oven can cook even only with steam by keeping a constant temperature. This type of oven can be both electric and gas.

Inside a pastry workshop or bakery you need to have the right tools, the pastry oven easily handles every type of cooking. Ventilated electric ovens meet every cooking preparation and process: leavened, short pastry, pasta choux, sponge cake, focaccia, pizza and panettone. Pastry ovens ensure perfect and homogeneous results, they also handle full load cooking of any product. On our online shop you can buy a ventilated oven at unbeatable prices.

How much does a convection oven consume?

The latest professional convection ovens models are designed to be more energy efficient, of course the larger the oven or more frequently heated the oven at high temperatures, the more energy will be consumed. Professional convection ovens have advantages, allow a saving of almost a third of the electricity, thanks to its systems that allow hot air to circulate smoothly.

However, you can put into practice some measures to reduce energy consumption: try to cook several dishes at the same time, keep the oven door closed as much as possible to prevent heat energy from being lost, regularly clean the oven because dirt can act as an insulator on the heating elements, use glass or ceramic pots because they transfer heat more effectively and evenly.

How much does a convection oven cost?

Professional ovens are essential especially in bakeries, but a professional oven is just as important for every catering industry. Initially convection ovens were only available for industrial kitchens, while in recent years they have also become available for the domestic market. Browse the catalogue of ovens prices, and you will discover a wide range of models suitable for every need, every price oven suitable for all budgets. Enter Ristosubito.com and choose your oven at unbeatable prices.