Meat and delicatessend display counters are ideal for displaying and storing all kinds of meat, cold cuts and cheeses. Displaying meat and delicatessen products in the correct way is essential to get a good sale and with our couters you will be able to combine modern design and work functionality. Enter our online shop and you can choose from various models of meat and cold cuts display counters at a highly competitive price, we have specially selected for you a wide range of refrigerated meat display counters ideal for storing and displaying fresh meat and cold cuts in butcher shops, supermarket and large catering activities, the meat display counter is a functional element that allows you to expose the products to the public while keeping them chilled and stored in an optimal way.

Factors that can influence the choice of the meat display counter are several including the space available, the quantity of products to be displayed, the style you want to keep in your premise and finally but very important the technical characteristics that we want the display counter to have. On our online catalogue we offer a series of refrigerated meat display counters to adapt to every need of space to enhance the product that as to be displayed, in addition our counters can be perfectly integrated into the style of your own butcher shop or also delicatessen in fact our proposals are ideal for the exhibition of cold cuts and cheeses.

How to expose meat in the butcher counter?

The butcher counter represents the focal point of the venue, not only it exposes the good and stimulates the customer to purchase, but ensures the right storage, allows you to well organize the spaces, facilitates the work of the operators. The meat display counters represent the furniture of the butcher itself, and inside are exposed all the fresh meat available. The counter represents for the butcher a working tool, and therefore its organization is very important and it depends on some factors, such as: - Location of the store (i.e. if it's located in a holiday resort rather than in the center of a village or the suburbs); - Most requested meat; - Type of activity (butcher shop, supermarket, hypermarket etc...) - Target clients; - Season and annual celebrations such as Christmas, New Year, Easter. Inside the counter the meat can be placed directly on the bottom of the butcher's counter, or in special containers to prevent that due to the characteristics of the refrigeration system, the meat is frozen in the support area. The use of glass, porcelain or ceramic containers, plastic food containers and stainless steel trays is permitted. The refrigerated meat display counter also ensures the protection of products from external contamination.