Buy directly online professional pasta cookers for cooking pasta in restaurants' kitchens, in our online catalogue you can find on sale professional stainless steel pasta cookers available in different sizes to choose from depending on the people you have to satisfy. Pasta is one of the main ingredients of every restaurant and as a result pasta cookers become an indispensable tool, our professional pasta cookers are available with gas for considerable energy saving, or electric. The electric pasta cookers heat water thanks to heating elements. Pasta is the main food of Italian culture and there's no restaurant that doesn't includes it in its menu, buy an electric or with gas supply pasta cooker equipped with 1 or 2 tanks of different capacities to simultaneously cook different types of pasta.

How many types of pasta cookers are there? There are two models available:

  • The electric pasta cookers which are entirely made of stainless steel and are equipped with knob for water load, tap, safety lever and warning lamp, the resistances are armored and place inside the tank.
  • The gas pasta cookers which are equipped with safety devices, water loading and unloading controls and burner with pilot burner with piezoelectric ignition, gas is supplied by a safety valve with thermocouple. Gas offers more energy savings than power supply and, in addition, is particularly suitable for those venues prepared for the use of gas equipment in compliance with the law. In gas pasta cookers, the water in the tank is directly heated because the burners directly heat the bottom of the container.

Both models are perfect for restaurant, hotel, school or hospital kitchens, in addition, all our products are manufactured in compliance with current CE standards. If you're looking for a professional over-the-counter pasta cooker or with cabinet for sale online at the best price you can rely on the proposals in our eshop, you will find professional stainless steel pasta cookers of various sizes and capacities at the best quality/price ratio. Our pasta cookers are perfect for both professional restaurants and hotels, and for kitchens of schools canteens, hospital or barracks. Preparing pasta requires familiarity and time and to facilitate cooking and speed up the times are used industrial pasta cookers.

Pasta cooker can differ in capacity and type, they can be over-the-counter, single or double. Generally they consist of one or more stainless steel cooking tanks and are also equipped with mesh baskets with handles to facilitate the drainage of water. This tool allows you to maintain and meet high quality standards, facilitating management and preparation times, in addition, the best models on the market have a touch system that serves to eliminate the starch left from the pasta.

Pasta cookers: to quickly cook pasta

On Ristosubito a wide range of pasta cookers in both electric and gas versions, all made of stainless steel of the highest quality. Professional pasta cookers are essential in kitchens to allow you to better satisfy your customers, the electric cooker in addition to the gas or electric version can also be over-the-counter or with cabinet. How does a professional pasta cooker work? Very simple, under the tank of the gas cooker there are burners while the electric type has resistances. Both models bring water to a constant boiling temperature: in this way you can have a continuous and rapid cooking of pasta, minimising waiting times within your catering business. Ristosubito offers pasta cookers with cabinet, integrated into the kitchen's furniture, and over-the-counter pasta cookers which have a separate structure and can be conveniently stored after use. In the catalogue a wide range of professional stainless steel pasta cookers of various sizes and capacities, on sale at the best quality/price ratio.