Professional rotisseries ideal for restaurants, hotels, diners and other activities related to the catering sector. Visit our online store and discover all available versions of rotisseries, you can find gas rotisserie, wood-fueled rotisserie suitable to maintain the original flavour, grill rotisserie made of stainless steel and electric rotisserie suitable for professionals with high working requirements, all with convenient opening system for faster cleaning of spits. The chicken rotisserie with spits is ideal for cooking juicy chickens at delicastessen, fast-food, grocery stores and restaurants. Discover our wide selection of planetary rotisseries to ensure a uniform cooking of chickens on the spits keeping the meat soft and juicy without the risk of making it dry and firm as it often happens. The models of rotisseries that we propose are all made with a robust stainless steel structure and equipped with CE mark. The rotisserie combines a crispy and tasty cooking with an exhibition that tempts customers to purchase. Once finished cooking the chickens can be exposed while keeping them warm, inside the cell equipped with tempered glass doors, to obtain a tasty, crispy and cooked to perfection chicken on the spit you must have a professional rotisserie, available in various versions to meet every need.

How to choose a professional rotisserie?

The electric rotisserie replaces the mechanical one, it's in fact more powerful and performing. Are you wondering how to choose a professional rotisserie for your catering business among so many websites? Our digital catalogue offers everything you are looking for, different models of electric rotisseries, but also gas models, you can cook your food in the best possible way saving time and in total safety. Choose your professional rotisserie, available models for every cooking needs, the ideal machine for grill bars, restaurants and grocery stores. In this section you will find electric, gas and wood-fueled rotisseries, our proposal roaster ensures ensures a homogeneous cooking, preserving the softness of the meat, which will be really juicy.