Online softcooker for vacuum cooking with stati water heating system. Low temperature cooking machine take advantage of the revolutionary vacuum cooking system to keep food soft and tasty. The use of low temperature cooking is recommended in restaurants that want a perfect cooking of meat, fish, vegetables and any other type of food.

The softcooker, also known as "Professional Roner", is a machine used for slow cooking inside special bags that are immersed in water at a constantly controlled low temperature. The most suitable materials for this cooking technique are meat and fish, their softness, taste abd colour remain unchanged. The constant temperature is a very important element in the vacuum cooking that never exceeds 58% to avoid the formation of gray on meat and that actually maintain a bright and fresh colour.

Low temperature cooking also improves the product preservation, as well as ensuring maximum safety and hygiene, the technique of cooking at low temperature "seal" also the flavour and maintain the humidity of food. The low temperature cooking is dedicated to all restaurants that want to guarantee the quality of their dishes, the sous vide cooking method is economical and maintains the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients unchanged. The Roner gives the raw material a tenderness and a juiciness without equal, is a thermostatic bain-marie with constant stirring of the waterthat continuously mixes the liquid to ensure the maximum uniformity of temperature everywhere.