We offer for sale online induction plates, compact machines equipped with temperature, power and time regulation. For sale on our online store differen models of ceramic-glass induction plates to be placed directly in a professional or home kitchen. With induction plates you can easily cook food saving on electricity consumption, some models of induction plates interrupt the flow as soon as the pot is removed from the plate. Electric hobs are functional and represent the latest technology in the category of "stoves". The professional industrial plate is designed to reduce and optimize the cooking time of food, before buying it you should pay attention to some features such as:

  • Power output;
  • Dimension;
  • Weight.

Induction plates are eletrically powered but the heat is generated thanks to a magnetic field created by an electric inductor so they have nothing to do with the traditional electric plates. This magnetic field affects only equipment sensitive to electromagnetic waves, and therefore only pots, pans and trays that contain ferromagnetic parts. Another great advantage is the reduction of burn risks, so you can work with more safety. An induction plate can be used in any room, even a garden or terrace, you just need an electrical outlet and then it works like a normal hob. Browse our online catalogue and select the machine that meets your needs, each item is described in detail to better evaluate the power, functions, the presence of more "cooking zones", the weight and dimensions of the plate. Are you looking for a product that allows you to cook anywhere even without having a gas connection? The induction plate is the best solution, you can also keep it in the kitchen as an additional "cooking zone" to the classic ones to use when needed, induction is very convenient and allows you to cook without fire or flames.

Induction plates for sale online

What are the advantages of induction cooking?

  • First of all, you don't need a gas connection to cook;
  • The glass-ceramic top is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean;
  • With an induction plate the response times are immediate: if you lower the power then the heat immediately decreases;
  • Allow considerable savings on your bill and allow you to cook much faster;
  • The glass-ceramic surrounding the cooking zone remains cold, at room temperature, therefore there are no burn risks.

Induction plates are designed to be used anywhere, you can move them where you want and even take them on a trip with you if you know you won't have a kitchen. Induction plates or hobs have a minimum heat loss, of around 10%, much lower than gas or electric cookers.

Induction plate prices, operation and advantages

Lately more and more people are thinking of abandoning the gas hobs for professional induction hobs. Innovation is very important in the kitchen, discover our complete catalogue of induction plates prices. Induction plates run on electricity, there are different types of hobs on the market, the available options are:

  • Traditional radiant cooking plate; cheap but less used, they heat up slowly and retain heat only for a certain period of time, it's not easy to adjust with cooking times and tend to oxidize.
  • Electric cooking plate in glass ceramic; the current heats up a circular resistor that in turn heats a glass ceramic top. The system is not very efficient precisely because of these various steps that heat must do during operation.
  • Halogen cooking plate; instead of resistance the heat is produced by halogen lamps. It's quite efficient but pots with smooth and opaque bottom are needed.
  • Induction cooking plate; the latest evolution of kitchens, the induction cooker uses the principle of magnetic induction to provide heat and directly heat the pots used for cooking. They heat up very quickly and the surface of the top remains cold.

Cooking with induction plates allows a precise temperature regulation, in fact almost all hobs are equipped with a digital display to adjust the temperature. The induction plate's top remains cool around the pot and is activated only if if it's in contact with the pot. The induction plate has a higher cost than the gas one, that's why our catalogue of induction plate prices always offers the best prices of the web.