Icebreakers for bars are used to grind or break ice into pieces. The professional icebreakers are mainly used for the preparation of cocktails or to make frozen drinks, indispensable for bars, pubs and restaurants are available in different sizes and capacities. Summer season is coming and the desire to consume fresh and delicious cocktails such as Caipirinhas and Mojitos increases, breaking ice is a very important part to make cool drinks and prepare original cocktails. A good icebreaker to be robust must have an aluminum frame and stainless steel blades for cutting. Do you need an icebreaker? Our icebreakers for slushes are indispensable for crushing and chopping quickly large quantities of ice, browse the online catalogue and you will find products made only in compliance with current European regulations with high quality materials, hygienic and durable over time.

Icebreaker for bars for sale online

Professional icebreaker to prepare slushes, sorbets and cocktails

Professional icebreaker for bars is a machine that breaks the ice ideal for making slushes, cocktails, long drinks and sorbets. The icebreakers for sale online are compact and designed specifically to be conveniently placed even on small surfaces leaving enough free space to work. What are the main icebreaker models available online? There are many and for every need, if you want to prepare delicious slushes and great cocktails buy a quality icebreaker at a highly competitive price, enter our eshop and browse the complete catalogue.

Icebreaker for splitting, crushing, grinding and breaking large quantities of ice

Preparing refreshing drinks will no longer be a problem, icebreakers will be able to provide you with quality ice to refresh drinks without watering them. Ristosubito has selected for its customers a wide range of professional icebreakers. The icebreaker is a versatile accessory suitable for use in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and any other activity where the use of crushed ice is necessary. With icebreakers for sale on you can shred ice to make fresh cocktails such as Caipirinhas, Mojitos, Frozen Cocktail, grenadines, sorbets and all other ice drinks. Each icebreaker available online is made of robust stainless steel, a robust, durable and easy to sanitize material. Icebreakers grind ice in different ways, you can get ice flakes, snow or coarser pieces. Browse our catalogue of professional icebreakers for splitting, crushing, chopping and grinding quickly large quantities of ice for the preparation of cocktails , appetizers, slushes, iced fruits and drinks that require cracked ice, all comply with current European regulations.