The word “saucepan” comes from the French word "casserole" that means "crate", that was a dish that you could put in the oven. Even today, the saucepans, are made with high heat conduction materials that allow you to evenly heat the dishes. Professional saucepans are available in several models, we can find saucepans for professional use cylindrical, low, medium or deep, and can also been equipped with 1 or 2 handles. The saucepan is considered the wildcard element of dishes in the kitchen, this is because it's very versatile and is ideal for both complex cooking and daily use.

The saucepan must be chosen according to the type of cooking that you have to do, there are professional saucepans made of different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, clay and copper, so if you have to braze or stew you will need a professional deep saucepan, if you have to prepare dishes where it's necessary a fast evaporation of liquids such as risotto, stews or fish slices a low saucepan will be ideal. In our catalogue you can buy professional kitchen saucepans for all types of hobs from induction to gas.