The Gastronorm containers are made with materials suitable for contact with food as required by hygiene regulations and are ideal for restaurants, catering, butchers, gastronomies. On our online store we offer a wide range of Gastronorm containers used in the catering industry for the preparation, cooking and storage of ingredients, we can find:

  • Catering containers
  • Gastronorm containers
  • Polycarbonate containers and polypropylene containers for food
  • Plastic containers
  • Stainless steel containers and perforated stainless steel containers
  • Polycarbonate basins and polypropylene basins
  • Lids made of stainless steel, polycarbonate and polypropylene
  • Plastic boxes with lids
  • False bottoms

Online GN containers are a must-have in professional kitchens, we offer containers available in different Gastronorm sizes and different materials, GN basins are generally used to keep prepared food both hot and cold as well as to store food and raw materials. They are usually stainless steel containers but they're also produced in plastic and polycarbonate, there's also the variant with perforated bottom. They usually have no handles and are transported with stackable systems. Gastronorm containers are hermetic and stackable, particularly resistant to shocks, washes and low temperatures, they're suitable for the preservation of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, they are also highly functional thanks to an integrated label on which you can indicate al the information required by the control units and thus respect the correct traceability of products. Choose in the online catalogue GN containers in different materials with or without lid, standard measures are internationally recognised, this makes them easy to change. Gastronorm basins are suitable for transport, storage and can be combined.

Gastronorm containers: standard system of measurements

The gastronorm containers follow the standard system of measures adopted in the catering sector. Universal standard size containers are used for bowls, containers and trays. Thanks to the gastronorms elements supplied by different manufacturers can be used without making adjustments or modifications. Plastic gastronorm containers allow you to cook, store, transport and expose food safely thanks to highly corrosion resistant and non-deformable materials. The acronym of Gastronorm is GN and measures containers in millimeters that can be made of polypropylene or stainless steel. The gastronorm containers made of polypropylene are economical and suitable for transport thanks to the thin cover, they are also used for the preservation of food in the cold (-40°C) or at room temperature (up to +80°C). Polypropylene is a non-toxic, odorless and high temperature resistant material, they are also shock resistant. Gastronorm containers are produced and manufactured according to the regulations UNI EN 631-1. Resistant, durable and functional thanks to the overlapping step that allows and optimal stacking, Gastronorm containers are hygienic, resistant to high temperatures and can also be used in microwave ovens. The gastronorm standard guarantees uniformity of measurement and practicality, are also perfect for those who have little space because they areperfectly stackable with each other.

What is a Gastronorm container system?

The Gastronorm container system is a modular system that helps to improve the organization of space in professional kitchen. The Gastronorm works through a set of containers and trays with standard sizes ideal for use in pantries, ovens, refrigerators without wasting space. Each Gastronorm container is made exclusively with certified materials and suitable for contact with food products, like the plastic gastronorm containers as reuired  by EC hygiene regulations. Our online catalogue offers  a wide range of GN trays and containers essential for the preparation, cooking and storage of fresh or cooked ingredients. The gastronorm containers are available in stainless steel and polycarbonate, the complete range of sizes is: GN2/1: 650 × 530 mm, GN1/1: 530 × 325 mm, GN2/3: 354 × 325 mm, GN2/4: 530 × 162 mm, GN2/8: 325 x 132 mm, GN1/2: 325 × 265 mm, GN1/3: 325 × 176 mm, GN1/4: 265 × 163 mm, GN1/6: 176 × 162 mm e GN1/9: 108 × 176 mm.