Wide choice of trays ideal for professional restaurant and gastronomy kitchens, for transporting catering food or for all catering industry, indispensable for the preparation of courses but also for cooking in a bain-marie and for the maintenance of already cooked foods; baking trays made of stainless steel are ideal for preparing meat or fish dishes because they're easy to clean and are odorless, is also great to optimize space in the kitchen because one is stackable to the other. The baking trays are suitable for contact with food and are available in various sizes and heights, also can be comfortably washed in the dishwasher. In our online catalogue you can find pizza trays in various materials such as the most economical and resistant iron trays, ideal for cooking different dishes such as pizzas, focaccia, cakes and other savory preparations. For sale online aluminum baking trays, this material is an excellent heat conductor, it's light and economical, and suitable for cooking wet or boiled food, in addition there are also aluminized trays that is an aluminum compound (90%) and silicon (10%), very resistant to oxidation and suitable for oven cooking up to 295°C. These trays are heavier than aluminum ones and are also cheaper, have also lower thermal conductivity.

Baking trays are part of the main equipment of all catering activities, such as pastry shops, gastronomy and bakeries, are mainly divided into:

  • Iron trays;
  • Stainless steel trays, which can be smooth, perforated, with external or internal step to be overlapping;
  • Aluminum trays.

Professional baking trays for sale on our website are round and rectangular, have also different diameter and size to choose according to your needs.

Which is the best tray?

The tray is used in the kitchen to cook different foods in the oven using high temperatures, are the ideal accessories for preparing pizzas, roasts, lasagna, biscuits and many other foods. The trays are available in different materials but the most used in the professional field are aluminum trays and stainless steel trays. On the market you can find professional baking trays of different shapes to choose according to the type of food you need to bake in the oven. We have already mentioned that the best baking trays used in the professional sector are those made of aluminum and stainless steel, we see this differences:

  • Aluminum trays; aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, make sure the tray is thick enough so as to prevent high temperatures from deforming it.
  • Stainless steel trays; compared to aluminum it conducts less heat but is more resistant, can be put in the dishwasher and resistant to rust.

On the market you can also find ovens with non-toxic coating therefore safe for health. The trays are versatile containers and you can use them to cook different types of food, even cooked in foil and bain-marie. As for the shape and size are factors to be taken into account according to the foods and quantities to be cooked.