The chest coolers are a must in a restaurant, are essential to preserve large quantities of drinks without undergoing changes in the organoleptic and nutritional properties. The chest coolers, i.e. the horizontal ones with the upward openings, are perfect not only for storage but also to keep large quantities of drinks in a more orderly way. In addition to being extremely comfortable and spacious, it also guarantees greater energy savings. This is because thanks to the upward opening it limits the entrance of hot air. The technical and descriptive informations of the chest coolers are essential during the selection phase. Useful features to know are:

  • Sizes, which vary according to the capacity required;
  • Energy class of freezing, incated with an increasing number of stars, the minimum temperature that the appliance is able to maintain;

The energy class of the refrigerator is indicated by an abbreviation composed of letters. It's better to choose a high energy class, corresponding to the letter A (the class of maximum efficiency is indicated by A+++). On you can choose between different models of chest coolers for drinks in our catalogue. The operation of a chest cooler is the same as the vertical one, it changes the opening of the door and the subdivision of the space inside.