The professional gas rotisseries are equipped with a practical and comfortable opening system made of tempered glass with strong hinges that facilitate the opening. Each gas rotisserie for chickens is equipped with fat collecting tray to easily expel cooking liquids and keep the machine clean. The gas rotisserie guarantees a crisp and tasty cooking and at the same time allows you to expose chicken stimulating the appetite, available in different models equipped with spits and front door opening. Once cooked, the chickens can be exposed while keeping them warm inside the cell equipped with tempered glass doors. Visit our section dedicated to the online sale of professional gas rotisseries, you can see a wide range of robust models designed to last over time, all gas-powered rotisseries ensure maximum visibility of the cooked product and are easy to clean.

Are you looking for a professional gas rotisserie for your business? You can finally optimally cook your products in no time. The planetary gas rotisseries in addition to ensuring perfect cooking without drying products also ensure excellent visibility and presentation of products during and after the cooking. The gas rotisserie is a tool with stainless steel structure ideal for cooking chickens, machines perfect to meet every need ranging from small butcher shops to large delis and supermarkets. Planetary gas rotisseries are the ideal choice for those who need to achieve economical operations and high productivity results, robust and highly efficient are also easy to clean.