The meat grinders/mixers are ideal for meat laboratories, delicatessen shops and supermarkets, are made of stainless steel for intensive operations and are also easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. Meat mixers are used to obtain homogeneous mixtures that can be easily unloaded thanks to the tilting tanks, available online models with one or two blades. Browse the online catalogue of meat grinders/mixers complete with EC certificate on hygiene and safety, meat grinders/mixers are robust, ideal for processing any type of meat. Meat mixers are reliable and necessary in butcher shops and industrial kitchens, they have removable blades for optimal cleaning, are safe and practical thanks to the tilting tank. Meat mixers are important tools for the butchery and any catering sector where a particular mixing of meat is requires. Our range of proposals can meet all needs, available online one or two blade mixers. These machines allow an optimal mixing of more meat, ingredients and aromas and are very easy to use and clean.