Gastronorm stainless steel lids are resistant to wear and oxidation. The stainless steel lids are ideal for the catering industry because they're deisgned to cook every type of food having an excellent resistance to high cooking temperatures, humidity and water. On our online catalogue available stainless steel lids from GN 1/1 to GN 1/9. GN stainless steel lids are used to hermetically seal Gastronorm containers and allow optimal storage of all kinds of food.

On our online store available stainless steel lids in different sizes, you can also buy stainless steel lids with handles, inlet for ladle and silicone gaskets to always ensure a hermetic closure. Storing food in restaurants is a key factor in preserving the flavours, aromas and freshness of products. Discover our wide selection of stainless steel lids to hermetically seal Gastronorm containers, all made of AISI 304 steel also known as "18-10 stainless steel" compliant with CE food standards. All stainless steel lids fo GN basins are heat resistan from -40°C to +100°C and hand washable or comfortably in the dishwasher with the use of normal detergents.