The refrigerated trolleys ideal to serve cold dishes, appetizers, fish and buffet, are useful for the preservation of food without altering its flavours and fragrance, ideal for the display of appetizers or desserts. Available many models that differ in materials, in composition, we can find open refrigerated trolleys or closed with a transparent plexiglass dome to have a better exposure and hygiene of products and are all equipped with CE mark. The refrigerated trolley meets the need to store food at its best and avoid its fast decay, available online refrigerated trolleys in different designs that allow you at the same time to furnish your spaces with style.

The refrigerated trolley is suitable for various uses: in the catalogue you can buy special models for fish, to store seasonings or even to expose the cheeses in a hygienic and functional way. All trolleys are made with first choice materials and according to current regulations on hygiene and safety. The cold buffet trolleys are perfect for catering and gastronomy, the refrigeration is available with temperature +2+10°C or with low temperature -5+5°C, they're reliable, practical and they elegantly furnish the restaurant. Refrigerated food trolleys can have different sizes and finishes, they adapt to any decor, they are also modular and allow you to create effective and elegant service lines.