Discover our wide selection of electric or gas plates, perfect for all environments. On sale several models of professional panini grills with smooth and striped plates made of different materials. Each electric plate is made of cast iron with ceramic or glass ceramic treatment, to be chosen according to the use that will be made:

  • The electric plate for cooking in cast iron is cheaper and even if it heats up more slowly it can keep the temperature longer perfect then to stay in operation from 1 to 2 hours continuously.
  • The professional glass ceramic plate heats up faster but it cools down just as quickly. This model of plate for cooking sandwiches is easier to clean as the surface is smoother than the cast iron model.

Professional panini grills for catering for sale online

Among the fast dishes typical of Italian culture we find the sandwich, a typical dish prepared especially in bars. Those who order a sandwich want it hot and fragrant and maybe even with melted cheese, all this can be achieved simply with the use of a professional toast and sandwich plate. This type of appliance is indispensable in the back counter of a bar, it's perfect for cooking, heating and grilling all kinds of food. The stainless steel structure consists of both smooth and striped cast iron plates, with temperature regulator and equipped with a special sauce bin.

Electric plate: how to choose the best one

The choice of the most suitable electric plate depends very much on how you decide to use it. The professional plate can be with cast iron plate or with glass ceramic plate, the glass ceramic model is the most economical choice and aesthetically creates the classic stripes on the surface. As for the electric plate for the kitchen with cast iron plate is able to maintain the temperature longer, it's recommended in particular for bars and sandwich shops that make a continuous use for at least 1 or 2 hours a day. Ceramic cooking plate, on the other hand, reach the temperature faster but cools just as quickly, for this reason they're more suitable for activities that make them a more occasional use. Hot plates for cooking are especially useful when cooking time is reduced, they're also suitable for heating other foods such as pizza or meat. On the market we can also find the model with a double plate, in this case the cooking shelves are reversable, with a striped side to grill the sandwich and a smooth side for normal use as a flat plate. Finally the professional sandwich plates have removable heating shelves particularly useful at the time of cleaning.