Immersion blenders are robust and compact professional appliances ideal for chopping, mixing and emulsifying all kinds of food. The immersion blenders for sale online on our eshop can be both with one or two speeds, in the last ones in addition to the blades you can also install the whips. Fully removable to facilitate cleaning operations, immersion blenders can have blending stick of various lengths always made of stainless steel, the professional mixer is suitable for preparing vegetables, sauces and even ice cream, when you have to buy one you need to look out for the power of the engine, one of the main differences between a commercial and a professional immersion blender is that the professional one can be used for long periods of time without worrying too much about overheating and damaging the engine.

Other important elements to consider are the accessories: the whip, the blending stick and the emulsifier, that should be chosen with extreme care, as for the material, stainless steel is certainly the most recommended material as it allows easy cleaning even in the dishwasher. Finally, consider if buying a fixed or variable speed immersion mixer, the last one is used with the whip especially during the preparation of sweets. On the market we can find a multitude of immersion blenders, choosing the one that meets your needs is not always easy and among other aspects to evaluate we also find the available delivery speeds, the ergonomics of the handle, the material with which the blending stick and the part covering the engine are made, and the presence of additional accessories. On our online store you can buy the best immersion blenders to prepare soup, mayonnaise, to whip cream and much more at highly competitive prices. Immersion mixers in the kitchen are the so-called jolly machines, they perform various functions. Check out our online catalogue and choose the ideal immersion blender.

Professional immersion blender for smoothies, shakes and centrifuges

The professional immersion blender is the ideal accessory to make delicious smoothie, shakes and centrifuges of fruits and vegetables but also creams, mashed potatoes and mayonnaise. The models of immersion blenders on are made with high quality materials in compliance with all European standards. Immersion blenders also known as mixers facilitate chef operations in kitchens, the immersion blender allows you to shred, whisk and blend  in a short time any ingredient directly from the pot or any other container. Immersion blenders are available with different speeds and accessories, is a versatile appliance indispensable in the professional kitchens of restaurants, hotels, canteens and catering services. The immersion mixer is formed by a main engine body on which you can add a mixer or a homogenizer, the length on the blending stick may vary depending on the need.