For sale on our online store realiable and safe professional slicers perfect for cutting salami, cheeses, vegetables, meat and fish, our slicers are ideal for activities such as butchers, delicatessen, bars or restaurants, browse our catalogue and you can choose between professional electrical slicers in different sizes and cutting needs. The slicers can be:

  • Vertical slicers, that allow a more precise and thin cut and they fit perfectly even in smaller prices.
  • Oblique slicers, easy to use thanks to the slightly inclined carriage that facilitates a more precis cut.

Professional slicers for sale online

Do you run a restaurant, butcher shop, delicatessen or bar? Then buy online a slicer made entirely of aluminum, easy to clean, extremely easy to handle and safe even during the removal of the blade. Our eshop specialized  in the online sale of catering equipment such as r g v's slicers on offer at the best quality/price ratio. Discover the entire proposal that includes gravity slicers for cold cuts, vertical slicers and flywheel slicers with blades of different sizes in order to meet the needs of each individual customer. Among the most sold slicers we offer the rgv ones to slice in an optimal way every type of cold meats but are also optimally suitable for cutting meat. Butcher's slicers allow you to cut even larger pieces of meat, in addition, they are equipped with goods press that allow a perfect cut without risking to move the raw material. All our slicers available online are CE marked and have high quality standards. Are you looking for a professional slicer? Order it directly from home on our online shop, you can choose between gravity slicers, vertical slicers and manual slicers ideal for butchers, delicatessen, restaurants and bars to slice meat, salami, cheese but also vegetables sush as eggplants, zucchini and potatoes.

Features of the electrical slicers

There are several models of electrical slicers especially for cutting raw meat. Those slicers can have smooth or serrated blades, the smooth blade is the most common becuase it allows to slice also other type of products and not only raw meat. The professional slicer for raw meat is characterized by a serrated blade that is ideal especially for seasoned meat. There are several models of cold cuts' slicers to choose from, Ristosubito offers several proposals online at highly affordable prices. But electrical slicers are useful not only for delicatessen, slicers are perfect also for bars because they're ideal for those who want to optimize the preparation time. Fast and precise, it allows you to cut a large amount of product in the shortest time possible.

Slicers offers and promotions

We said that slicers are among the most useful electrometers to have in the kitchen, in fact, they are able to slice meat, salami, cheeses and vegetables quickly and with absolute precision. Slicers are the best purchase for catering professionals. On the market there are countless models of Slicers on offer, you can find many professional slicers on offer of the best brands in the industry. The offers of professional slicers are particularly advantageous online where the range of choice is wider which allows you to buy a slicer at the best price.