Stainless steel lockers are indestructible, practical and above all hygienic necessary for all companies where you have to change clothing. Each locker for sale online on our eshop is available in different models and sizes, changing room lockers are equipped with a vertical partition dirty/clean to easily divide clothes from the work uniforms. In addition, our lockers are equipped with shelves placed at the top, shoe compartment, coat hooks and a very important thing such as a key lock or a padlock.

Browse the catalogue of lockers to place in the changing room of your business and discover all our proposals compliant with European directives of HACCP. The steel locker rooms that we propose are robust, practical and hygienic, they are indispensable complements for many companies where you need to wear a uniform during working hours. The changing room lockers can be modular according to the number of employees and space needs, each locker has a key lock to prevent theft, they are especially suitable for food industry operators such as bakeries, restaurants, canteens, bars, etc.

Changing room lockers for sale online

Lockers for sale online

On Ristosubito a wide range of lockers, the ideal solution to furnish the locker room in gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, schools, companies and warehouses, the lockers are made of stainless steel and comply with current regulations. The lockers are designed for all companies where there are workers who need to change clothes in the workplace. In companies it's necessary to create special rooms to accomodate lockers for a comfortable change of clothes. Each locker must be equipped with a locking system to allow the employee to keep safe clothes and valuables during the work shift. The lockers are available in different sizes and with different numbers of doors. Browse the online catalogue of lockers prices and choose the model that best suits your needs, all lockers are designed to meet the needs of those who work in industries, schools and food laboratories. The lockers available in this section are made with raw materials of the highest quality and are certified according to current regulations.