Our online store offers the best equipment for pizzeria such as pizza warmers or pizza dough rollers, essential to decorate the kitchen of your pizzeria. Each equipment for pizzerias is a product of quality and high reliability complete with CE certifications, discover all the pizzeria accessories from the online catalogue, you can buy from the comfort of your house pizza peels, baking trays and everything you need to better manage a pizzeria. We have selected the complete pizzeria equipment reliable and functional made according to the current regulations of the European Community. There are no secrets to get a good pizza, the first important thing is the dough but also the cooking process and the service have their importance. Discover our proposals for professional pizzerias equipment, immediatly available accessories for pizzeria, pizza warmers and pizza dough rollers, everything you need to start a pizzeria or simply renew an existing one. Available accessories for pizza by the slice, to take away or pizza restaurants at the best quality/price ratio.

There are also some tools that allow you to handle the product safely, including:

  • The aluminum peel that represent the extension of the pizza maker's arm. Available online in various sizes and shapes and they allow to bake the pizza and take it out just cooked;
  • The small peel, a smaller peel that serves to turn and control the pizza, it also has some holes that serve to drop the flour attached to the base;
  • The spatulas used to take the leavened dough and start the processing on the counter;
  • The brushes essential for cleaning operations.

Which pizzeria set-up to choose to start

To start the project of a new pizzeria you have to plan everything by first drawing up a business plan, we must remember that unlike other catering activities is required a more specific pizzeria setting to obtain a quality product. The equipment for pizzeria simplify the preparation and processing of pizza, among the machines we have: kneader to knead the necessary quantities, fermentation cabinets, dividers for cutting and making dough balls, dough sheeters – rounders to adjust the dough thickness and diameter, pizza tables to place the ingredients of the pizza and of course pizza ovens. The oven is the most important pizzeria equipment, the cooking of the pizza depends on which one you use: wood burning oven, gas oven or electric oven. When we talk about pizzeria setting up you can also mean the basic furniture needed such as tables and chairs, counter and showcases. The management of a pizzeria includes the purchase of quality pizzeria equipment, designed to withstand the time and daily wear, the aspect of an activity is fundamental. The pizzeria equipment that also includes furniture must be able to create a cozy atmosphere.