Meat tenderizers are essential to always have fresh and tender meat. The tendering process is very important, although meats from different sources have the same nutritional characteristics such as the intake of proteins, iron, B vitamins and trace elements, in addition must comply with certain criteria such as colour that is index of freshness, fat infiltration, texture and grain, tenderness, juiciness, smell and taste, all these aspects make meat appealing to final customers. Among all, however, the characteristic of tenderness is among the most important, and the mechanical tendering process carried out by the meat tenderizers drastically intervenes on the maturing process reducing the maturation time of the meat.

Meat tenderizers allow to drastically reduce the times of the tendering process by aging, the use of a tenderizer involves:

  • Greater tendering of the connective tissue inside the muscle;
  • Greater predisposition of the superficial part of the muscle to absorb any condiments;
  • Increased availability of myosin protein and improvement of water binding characteristics, reducing the cooking time and avoiding the withdrawal of meat and the escape of liquid from it;
  • Drastic reduction of time compared to the normal maturing process.

Meat tenderizer improve meat that might otherwise be hard or fibrous, numerous micro cuts make soft the meat composed of many ribs and fibers. With our meat tenderizers you can increase your earnings by selling always fresh and tender meat, easy to use and meet high standards of hygiene and food safety.

Meat tenderizer for tenderizing meat and more

The meat tenderizer is a machine suitable for butcher shops and is used as a meat enervating machine. Available online you can find two types of tenderizer: manual and electric. The manual meat tenderizer works with a handle; while the electric meat tenderizer works by pressing a button that activates the movement of the machine automatically. Meat tenderizers are essential tools to soften any cut of meat, especially the hardest and fibrous ones. The tenderizers are suitable for many functions: for tenderizing meat, for slicing meat and fish, both raw and cooked. Browse the complete catalogue of meat tenderizers ideal for butcher shops, delis, supermarkets, etc. This section contains the best meat tenderizers suitable for butcher shops, delis and large distribution, made of stainless steel, a highly robust and hygienic material because it's easy to clean.