For sale online a wide range of potato peelers ideal to quickly peel without waste all types of potatoes. Our industrial potato peelers are made using only the highest quality materials, are also manufactured in accordance with European health and safety regulations. Despite the name, potato peelers are used not only to peel potatoes, but can also be used to peel other types of vegetables, available online professional stainless steel potato peelers with different capacities indicated for all catering activities such as restaurants, hotels and canteens. The machines for peeling potatoes can have multiple variants such as the power voltage that can be single-phase or three-phase, or the discharge that can be (lateral) or inferior (floor), we can find models equipped with a filter tray to collect processing residues. The use of the electric potato peeler saves a lot of time even during the cleaning phase, both the abrasive cloth and the potato peeler plate are removable to ensure proper maintenance.

Our potato peelers have been designed to carry out in minutes a job that would otherwise require hours, perfect for catering, restaurants, self-service and gastronomy, vary in capacity from 5 to 50 kg. Automatic potato peelers are easy and safe to use and clean, as all food processing machines are manufactured in accordance with CE hygyene and safety standards, and for safety they're equipped with auto-off devices to avoid unnecessary wasste and protect the health of the operator. Finally you can get in a few minutes a perfect peeling of potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, discover now all the advantages of the professional potato peelers for sale on our online store. Professional electric potato peelers make life easier in the kitchen and we offer you many advantages including the best quality/price ratio. Thanks to these potato peelers you will get in a few minutes a prefect peeling not only of vegetables but also some fruit, just wash the ingredients, let them dry and operate the potato peeler.

Industrial potato peelers for sale online

Before buying, however, you need to pay close attention to some features that the automatic potato peeler must have, such as:

    • The blades, the most important part of the machine. The blades must be able to gently make clean and precise cuts, usually are made of stainless steel, removable and easy and safe to clean.
    • The materials, usually for the body of the potato peeler is used plastic, a durable and easy to clean material. Some models are made of metal so more robusti in case of collisions or falls, many vegetables once processed release waste juices that could permanently stain the plastic and making the machine look old and always dirty only after a short time.
    • The stability, make sure it's equipped with non-slip bases or feet to prevent it from slipping when it's in operation.

How does an electric potato peeler work?

The electric potato peeler facilitates the work of peeling potatoes and other tubers to speed up and simplify a job that if done manually would take several hours. The potato peelers that you find in this section vary for capacity and models, indispensable tools in the kitchen. The professional electric potato peeler is an indispensable tool especially in the professional kitchens of restaurants, they can be purchased in specialized online stores. But how does an electric potato peeler work? The mechanism is very simple: in practice the potato (or other fruit) is blocked on the base and the blade lowers so that it adapts to its shape. While the potato is turning, the blade gently removes a thin layer, but if you want to peel a fruit that has a thicker skin you just need to let the blade pass a second time. The skin remains intact, which allows it to be used also for decorative purposes, the blades of the electric peeler are made of stainless steel, which makes them very easy to clean even with a simple wet cloth. Browse the digital catalogue of Ristosubito and choose from the wide range of electric potato peelers for sale at the lowest price on the market.