Available online a wide selection of ice cream display counters to give visibility to products and attract the attention of customers. Creating a spacious and bright environment definitely enhances the goods on display and the same applies to ice cream, the right ice cream display counter helps to better present the product. Visit our online shop and you can choose from a wide range of ice cream display counters to preserve the freshness and quality of ice cream and at the same time furnish the venue enhancing the product. Ice cream pleases both adults and children and to expose and store it to the fullest you need to use the best ice cream counters, discover the wide choice of ice cream counters and professional ice cream showcases available with carapines or ice cream containers ideal for storing and displaying ice cream cakes, homemade ice cream and packaged.

On sale online you will find:

  • Ice cream display counters with carapines, this kind of counters revisits the tradition in which the ice cream maker lifted the lid of the container to extract the ice cream. Ice cream display counters with carapines preserve ice cream in an optimal way and are guaranteed by a good anti-oxidation system. The ice cream, unlike the counters with containers, is not visible.
  • Ice cream display counters with containers designed to expose and store ice cream, this version is optimal for ice cream shops that need to exhibit products.

Homemade ice cream is a very delicate products as it's made of ingredients such as eggs milk, sugar and fruit, for this reason is also difficult to preserve but with our ice cream display counters it will always look like just creamed. Ice cream display counters with carapines are the best solution in fact they keep the ice cream away from light and air and the refrigeration is always constant. In addition the manufacturing materials are of excellent quality and each ice cream display counter is equipped with automatic defrosting system.

Ice cream counters for sale online