Powdered preparations for slush machines are ready mixtures to be diluted with water or milk, are perfect to be used in slush machines or blenders and then possibly flavoured with syrups for granite. Powdered slush preparations are simple and quick solutions to meet the demands of your customers, these are powdered mixtures specific for the preparation of cold creams or slushes. Browse our catalogue and choose the powdered preparation for slushes among all those offered in our online store, you can choose from a wide choice of powdered preparations with different flavours. Our powdered slush preparation is made with high quality ingredients to ensure a genuine and delicious final product, from classic flavours such as orange, strawberry or mint to more innovative flavours such as cola, melon and black cherry, an assortment to satisfy all customers. With powdered preparations for slushes and granite you can have quick productions at the best price of the web.

What are the slushes powdered preparations?

The powdered preparations for slushes are soluble powders specially designed for professionals in the industry and are composed of the best ingredients that guarantee an exceptional final result. To use the preparations for slushes is necessary to make ufe of specific professional machines called precisely slush machines that allow you to make slushes with unique flavour and texture, in our catalogue you can find powdered preparations for slushes in the most popular fruit flavours, in additio to the preparations, you can also choose flavour enhhancers i.e. flavoured syrups to add to the preparation for neutral slush. Our slushes preparations are sold in convenient anti-wet packaging for an easy use in ice cream shops, bars and pastry shops. Granita is one of the most famous sweets of Sicily, has conquered the cuisine of all regions and has established itself as a summer dessert par excellence, to be enjoyed in different versions. Granita is a fresh spoon dessert ideal for an afternoon snack or for breakfast, today preparing it is even easier, just insert the preparation for slushes with the addition of water or milk inside the machine and you're done, thanks to the powdered preparations you will get a granita/slush with perfect taste and texture.