Discover our wide range of hot chocolate dispensers that are essential in bars and pastry shops. The chocolate maker is a professional appliance used especially in colder months, the most suitable period to consume hot chocolate that appeal to both adults and children. The models of professional chocolate dispensers at your disposal are different so you can select them according to personal needs, discover also the scenic and searched chocolate fountains.

Chocolate dispensers for sale online

The chocolate fountain creates a warm atmosphere. The hot chocolate fondue machine is a delicious appliance to enjoy fruit, marshmallow and other goodies, perfect to impress both young and old. A bar has to offer its customers the opportunity to consume a creamy hot chocolate, chocolate dispensers are a must, discover our online proposals and you can find a mix between innovation and tradition with water bath heating, in order to obtain a hot chocolate with the right density. All professional chocolate dispensers for sale on our online store are made with high quality materials 100% Made in Italy and equipped with CE marks and high quality standards.

Hot chocolate machines for bar and catering services

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular drinks for children and adults, especially during the winter when the days are colder. Preparing it today is a breeze thanks to the hot chocolate dispensers, it's an electric chocolate maker ideal for bar because they are able to prepare large quantities of hot chocolates in a short time. And that's not all, available on the market you can also find choreographic professional chocolate fountains with water bath heating for private parties, events or bars. With the professional chocolate fountain prepare a delicious hot chocolate and amaze your guests with a choreographic visual waterfall effect, the professional chocolate fountains evokes positive sensations. The chocolate waterfall machine is suitable for different situations, from a wedding to a birthday party, but the real benefit of a chocolate waterfall machine is to entertain guests.