The pastry refiner is used to refine confectionery products that need processing such as dried fruits or similar, refiners are important in pastry or confectionery industry because they allow to refine the product in a precise way thanks to perfectly aligned cylinders, in addition, the use of special materials for the construction of the transmission and support components guarantee a perfect, silent and long-lasting operation. The production of almond, hazelnut and grain products in general is practical and fast without having to resort to pre-refined products, browse the complete online catalogue of refiners equipped with accident protection and and electrical system according to law.

The pastry refiners with two cylinders are ultra resistant, suitable for refining dried fruit, almonds and also for chocolate grinding, they're also easy to clean thanks to the removable tank and are characterized by being resistant, robust and reliable, built with the best materials to last over time. The refiner is used in the pastry industry for the shredding of dried fruit, almond and chocolate according to the desired grain. The granite cylinders are very robust and adjustable to determine the degree of refining, they allow the processing of different raw materials but equally essential in the kitchen such as nuts, almonds and nuts, but also chocolate and sugar. Also the cleaning and sanitizing operations are facilitated by the removable tank that collects the accumulated finished product.