Professional cutters are an important help in the kitchen, are useful machines both in small restaurants and in large canteens as they offer numerous possibilities of use. The cutter can cut, chop, emulsify and knead any type of food, from vegetables to dried fruit, on our eshop are available different sizes of kitchen cutters with the removable tank from 3 liters up to 9 liters and beyond, also the current single-phase or three-phase allows you to adapt them to every restaurant, bar and diner. Discover the most suitable horizontal cutter models for processing meat and vegetables.

Industrial cutters are professional machines ideal if you need to knead, emulsify, chop and shred quickly every type of food, thanks to a stainless steel shell you can get an excellent precision and you can decide the consistency we need. The professional cutter is the ideal tool for restaurants, bakeries and butchers, you can finally chop, shred, grate, blend and homogenize food, fruits and vegetables. Browse the online catalogue of professional kitchen cutters to facilitate and speed up the preparation of your recipes, you can finally finely cut vegetables, meat and food without damaging its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Discover the wide offer of electric cutters for sale on our online store all equipped with CE mark as a guarantee of high quality standards.

What is the cutter for in the kitchen?

The cutter thanks to its powerful steel blade helps to cut, chop and emulsify a wide range of foods. The professional cutter in the kitchen saves time and effort, but it also helps to obtain perfectly homogeneous cuts, also guarantees a considerable saving of time. The cutter cooks finely, chops and cut foods even the hardest ones like nuts. Within activities such as restaurants, bars, patisseries and butchers guarantee considerable time savings. How to choose your pastry and restaurant cutter? In order to choose your kitchen cutter you will need to consider: in this section you will find kitchen cutters of different capacities, available with single-phase or three-phase voltage depending on the model.