Stainless steel service trolleys for food transport have stainless steel shelves printed in the shape of a tray to recall its practicality, they're equipped with robust multidirectional wheels that make them movable and functional. Stainless steel service trolleys are very useful tools both in the catering sector for the transport of food and tools, and in contexts such as hotels or hospitals, they have an essential design and are easily washable to ensure maximum hygiene. The stainless steel trolleys that you can find in our online catalogue can have one or more shelve up to a maximum of five and are all compliant with CE standards, the structure can be made entirely of steel or only tubolar, while the shelves can be laminated or embellished with a wood effect for a more elegant aesthetic.

All stainless steel service trolleys have swivel and multidirectional wheels for easier transport, stainless steel trolleys are reliable and functional and are perfect for pizzerias, pastry shops, bakeries, dairy farms and delicatessen shops, they're also widely used in the pharmaceutical sector, in short, they're suitable for all the professional catering industry including hotels and environments with a high degree of salinity. Thanks to the stainless steel, they're also easy to clean, a significant advantage for those who operate in this sector, stainless steel food trolleys are the ideal solution for restaurants and hotels that need to manage a large number of people in a short time.