Buy online the stainless steel superstructures to be stored on tables in professional kitchens and venues where you need more support and work space. On our online store you can find a wide range of practical and durable steel superstructures, many superstructures for strainless steel tables available with single or double shelves. Browse the complete online catalogue and find the most suitable superstructure for your needs, suitable for restaurants, pizzerias or hotels.

The stainless steel superstructures for tables are solid accessories that can withstand the weight of plates or other tools, they also can be moved easily because of their legs. Our superstructures are highly hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the material they're made of, 18/10 stainless steel. Enter our eshop and expand your working spaces thanks to the superstructures with two or more shelves, front-to-back opening and without sharp edges. The stainless steel superstructures can be stacked both on tables and on working cabinets, they can adapt to different work needs being always practical, functional and resistant.

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