Spiral mixers for sale online

Spiral mixers are professional machines used to obtain perfect hard dough like the pizza's dough. Pizza mixers are composed of a working organ consisting of a steel spiral that rotates around the vertical axis clockwise or counterclockwise and for this reason they offer a great help in mixing large quantities of dough, a must have in pizzerias, pastry shops, bakeries and professional cooking workshops.

The spiral mixer is perfect for making dough that requires long process, even if it's also suitable for other types of dough, such as bread, pizza, cookies, panettone and other desserts. Thanks to this machine you can obtain homogeneous, soft and well-developed mixtures, it's also a very versatile appliance useful for producing various foods and is highly safe thanks to the micro-switches fundamental for user safety. It's also easy to clean in fact removing the tank is very easy.

As mentioned above, spiral mixers are mainly used in the professional bakery industry, in pizzerias and bakeries. The spiral mixers consists of a body in which there's a bowl with the dough and a spiral immersed. The body of the mixer is painted with non-toxic and scratch-resistant material, as established by HACCP standards, the cylindrical tank is made of steel. During operation the bowl rotates on itself and also the spiral immersed in the dough, it rotates continuously on its axis. In this way you can stretch and lengthen the dough. The spiral mixer gives considerable strength to the dough and this is one of the reasons why are used for hard dough, like for the production of pizza, pasta and bread. The choice of the spiral mixer model is substantially determined by the amount of dough that has to be produced.

We can distinguish:

  • Spiral mixer with fixed head, that have a variable dough capacity.
  • Self-emptying industrial spiral mixers, they allow to empty the bowl directly on the table or on a dough rounder with significant reduction in production time and labor use.
  • Spiral mixer with lifting head, ideal fro bread dough for which you get great results on development.
  • Over-the-counter spiral mixers, they have high kneading capacities and are perfect for pizzerias, catering and bakeries.

What is the spiral mixer for?

The spiral mixer is mainly used to make tenacious dough such as those for bread or pizza, it works by a circulatory movement in which the hook rotates exclusively on itself while also rotating the bowl.

What is the spiral hook?

The hook, also called spiral, is an accessory that can also be mounted on normal mixers, but for industrial machines it must be mounted on specific models, hence the name of spiral mixers.
The hook is indispensable in bakeries and pastry shops, the spiral hook has a shape that can remember a hook or can also have a shape that looks like a spiral.

What's the spiral hook for?

The hook performs an essential function for mixtures that require long processing. Once you add the ingredients and start working, the hook begins to knead incorporating everything inside the bowl. At first the dough can be sticky and excessively soft, but gradually thanks to the action of the hook happens the so called "stranding".

It's during this phase that the glutinous mesh begins to develop, that is the lattice formed by proteins that allows the dough to retain carbon dioxide inside that develops during the leavening phase. The dough is ready when the hook tends to wrap on itself all the dough that, slowly, will tend to detach from the walls of the bowl.

When the dough is completely wrapped on the hook and will no longer stick on the bowl, it'll be the right time to remove the dough and proceed with the leavening phase.

The spiral hook is suitable for all leavened, full-bodied dough for which it's necessary a lot of strength to obtain a smooth and homogeneous result.

How much does a spiral mixer for bread and pizza cost?

Our online catalogue offers spiral mixers from €483,75 + VAT.

How to clean a spiral mixer?

Before starting the cleaning of your spiral mixer remember to disconnect it from the socket. Spiral mixers are very easy to clean, the important thing is to not use direct water jets that could damage the electrical parts. For cleaning you need a damp cloth without any chemica or corrosive products and, after making sure there are no residues of dough, just dry it with kitchen paper.