The meat grinder is an indispensable tool in butcher shops, restaurants, canteens and supermarket meat stalls, born for professional use of the meat processing keeping intact the freshness and nutritional properties. Professional meat grinders are designed to meet every need, we can find basic models, of different sizes, perfect for small restaurants, grocery stores and butcher shops, or models with more functions to meet the needs of large butcher shops, restaurants, hotels and catering facilities that require greater production capacity.

Professional electric meat grinders are available with single-phase or three-phase voltage, according to the working needs, all meat grinders are made of stainless steel or aluminum, easily hygienible and safe materials. Processed meat does not overheat in the refrigerated compartment therefore maintaining its organoleptic and nutritional qualities intact, also the outlet vents are variable in size to meet every single production requirement. For sale on our online store meat grinders of the best brands, for the continuous processing of large quantities of product and maximum hygiene and health protection without interrupting the cold chain.

Electric meat grinders for always fresh meat dishes

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