The first aid kit is essential to cope with emergency situations and to secure the staff by encouragin rapid first aid in cases of emergencies. It's important to arrange first aid equipment such as boxes and kits to meet every need. On Ristosubito is available a whole category dedicated to first aid kit, to be able to supply your business with everything you may need in terms of products and equipment for immediate assistance in emergency situations. The online catalogue includes a wide range of first aid products: first aid kits, cases and medications. Medication devices must be suitable for contact with food and must also be resistant to water, this is because often there's water or the foods themselves are moist. In professional kitchens in particular, to prevent the risks related to the use of ovens, plates and stoves it's essential to have at hand the specific sanitary material for the treatment of burns, such as patches and anti-burn gel to give immediate relief. Our first aid kits provide everything you need to better manage emergencies in full compliance with safety regulations, HACCP and main quality standards. The HACCP first aid kit contains a complete range of products suitable for food contact, blue and detectable by both metal detectors and X-rays: patches, bands, adhesive tape and much more. The HACCP first aid kit includes specific devices for the food industry, suitable for catering companies and restaurants, such devices are suitable for contact with food without risking the migration of unwanted substances to the food that is being processed, whose quality and safety will be preserved. These devices are suitable for all food companies, from large industries to restaurants, butcher shops, catering and gastronomy activities.