Professional eggbeaters are among the most used tools for the preparation of mixture, eggbeaters are essential for the preparation of cakes and other pastry specialties with stainless steel whips to whisk and whip the eggs. The electric eggbeaters, consisting of a structure, operates through whips or hooks placed in the front, the advantages of using an eggbeater are various. The first one is given by the small footprint, in fact, professional eggbeaters are compact machines that take up very little space on the worktop. An additional advantage is the power that doesn't cause an overheating of the engine and therefore of the mixture with all the consequences. The eggbeater machines are very practical especially for performing operations that require a certain speed as whipping cream and beating eggs. The industrial eggbeaters are suitable for laboratories and confectionery and food industries, browse our online catalogue all proposals are equipped with robust stainless steel structures and are built in compliance with CE regulations.