In every business related to the catering sector, refrigerated display cases can not be missing to capture the eyes of the customers and entice them to buy their products. The right choice of a refrigerated display counter is very important, also to keep food at the right temperature, and our online catalogue offers us a wide choice of refrigerated display cases for every need, you can buy refrigerated display cases with static or ventilated refrigeration:

  • Static refrigerated display cases: the walls of the display case are cooled by a refrigerant gas pushed into the internal circuit by a compressor, very suitable for storing products to serve at the moment. A static refrigerated display case does not dry food keeping it at the right degree of humidity.
  • Ventilated refrigerated display cases: are similare to the static ones but have a fan that circulates air inside the display case, making the temperature of the environment more homogeneous.

Refrigerated display cases for containers available in different models, in our online catalogue you can find for sale refrigerated display cases of different models to adapt to every need. Each display case is made entirely of stainless steel, a material highly hygienic and easy to clean. Refrigerated display cases for containers are a fundamental tool to optimally store food and always keep it fresh and ready for consumption.

Refrigerated ingredients display case: what is it and why use it?

Each refrigerated display case for sale on represents the perfect mix of design and practicality, ideal for bars, restaurant, pizzerias, pastry shops, canteens and supermarkets. The refrigerated pizzeria display case is also indispensable for all other businesses that have to do with fresh food. The refrigerated display cases are among the most important equipment within any business, such as bars, restaurants and pizzerias, not only for optimal food storage but also for their aesthetic importance.

The refrigerated pizzeria display case is designed to meet the needs of the pizza maker during work operations. Our online catalogue offers many models of pizza display cases, with static or ventilated refrigeration, each pizzeria display case is equipped with convenient compartments to store food. The refrigerated display cases for ingredients are compatible with Gastronorm containers to contain food and products that are used for the preparation and filling of pizza. Refrigerated pizza display cases are essential in the kitchen and in the pizzeria, they optimize the time of pizza filling or preparation in a hygienic way, speeding up the service.