Juice extractors are indispensable professional appliances for bars that want to adapt to the need of their customers. With a professional juice extractor you can improve the quality of your life, in fact many times we find it difficult to enter fruit and vegetables into our diets, but thanks to the arrival of professional extractors the consumpion of these foods has been simplified. The intake of fruits and vegetables is a universal remedy for the body being a source of energy and vitamins, but not only, by eating solid foods digestion times get longer reducing so the absorption of the nutrients. Of fundamental importance is the motor of the juice extractor, the best ones on sale use AC engines that reach 40-80 rev/min, this speed allows to obtain the best performance at the best yield/goodness ratio of the juice, enzymes and nutritional properties burn around 50 degrees, a temperature never reached with our extractors. Another important data to check before purchasing a professional juice extractore "slow juicer" (term for live juice extractors), is the “Cochlea”, that is the main part of this appliance. The Cochlea is kind of a large screw that crushes and squeezes the fruit and vegetables to obtain the juice, it's responsable for the slow pressing process that differentiates the extractors from the centrifuges. We can have three different types of cochleas:

Professional juice extractors for catering

  • The orizontal single cochlea installed in more sofisticated models suitable for extracting juice from leafy vegetables or small fruits, such as currant and berries or soft fruit.
  • The vertical single cochlea is the most common one and suitable for all kitchens. These extractors develop vertically and thanks to the double blade push the ingredients from which you want the juice from, facilitating the extraction.
  • The orizontal double cochlea ensures the best performance but is more expensive.

The most modern juice extractors use less bulky vertical cochleas with a more modern design, although slightly more uncomfortable to clean.

Cold Juice Extractors: Filters and vents

Cold juice extractors can mount two types of filters: the classic filter, usally made of plastic and the one made of Ultem or Tritan, which are much more resistant. Each extractor is equipped with different accessories such as fine and wide mesh filters. As for the vents, the so-called wide mouths have recently arrived on the market, which allow you to insert fruit and vegetables without having to cut them into smaller pieces, thus speeding up the preparation time. Discover all extractors models at unbeatable prices.

Juice extractors for healthy eating

With juice extractors for sale on Ristosubito.com you can get delicious and nutritious fresh fruit extracts at any time and quickly. With the juice extractor you can get up to 30% more juice than traditional extraction methods, but not only, you will maintain al the properties and vitamins contained in food. The juice extractor has become, expecially in recent years, much in demand by particularly health-conscious customers. FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) reccommends consuming about 400 gr of fruit and vegetables a day, useful for the prevention of colds and sore throats as a source of energy and vitamins. In addition, by ingesting solid foods the digestion times get longer, while drinking you can digest a juice in even 15 minutes. But why buy a juice extractor rather than a centrifuge? The differences are quite fundamental, they are two appliances substantially different. The main difference is the speed with which the appliances work, in fact the juice extractor reaches speeds of 40/80 rev/min, while the centrifuge can reach from 6000 to 18000 rev/min, this is not recommended  because the product is a juice with a lower concentration of pulp.