The combi meat grinders/graters are professional equipment that combine precisely the meat grinder and the grater a must have for restaurants, fast foods, autogrills, hotels, farmhouses, canteens and all the catering sector. The combi meat grinder/grater is ideal for a quick and hygienic production of minced meat, available in different sizes and types of processing by grater of any type of cheese, bread, biscuits and dried fruit. In this catalogue you will find a wide range of combi meat grinders/graters available both in the basic models for small businesses such as farms, communities and for activities that have higher production needs such as butcher shops, restaurants, hotels and pizzerias. All products are equipped with hopper and easily removable grinding group made of stainless steel, to allow a more accurate cleaning, available with mono-phase or three-phase power supply.

The combined meat grinders/graters are created to optimize the workflow products made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel. Fast, practical, compact and powerful machines with great work efficiency. Thanks to the professional combi meat grinder/grater you can make various types of minced meat for meat sauce, meatballs, sausages and wurstel. These are machines that are usualy designed to grind meat, but that through the use of special accessories can also perform activities of electric graters. The grinding of meat requires the use of a device able to work soft, hydrated and fibrous material, while the cheese grater needs different performance because it works with food without moisture easily crushable and with greasy texture. Combi meat grinders/graters have two different entrances: one for the introduction of meat and the other for the cheese, with two different operating modes that are mutually exclusive.

Professional combi meat grinder/grater restaurants, diners, rotisseries, hotels, farmhouses and supermarkets

In this section you will find a wide range of professional combi meat grinder/grater for every catering business. The meat grinder/grater is ideal also for small businesses such as restaurants that need to process meat and cheese. For large businesses such as butcher shops, restaurants, hotel and pizzerias, which have high demands for use, are available models with greater production capacity always in line with the rules of hygiene and safety in force. The combi meat grinder/grater optimizes the work in a professional kitchen, in fact the combined meat grinder/grater combine the functions of the grater with those of the meat grinder in one machine. Combi meat grinders/graters are essential in restaurants, diners, rotisseries, hotels, cafes and supermarkets and many other activities. The combi meat grinder/grater with the right accessories can also be useful for the preparation of fillings for pasta, for chopping vegetables and for making a good tomato puree, every food is in fact chopped with precision.