The gueridon trolleys are dining room trolleys used for Russian service, said gueridon service, usually the gueridons have a rectangular shape and are always equipped with wheels. Gueridon trolleys are available in different versions, you can find gueridon trolleys made of solid wood, wood and brass, wood and stainless steel, they're mainly used alongside the tables as an additional table top, but are also used to move more easily between the tables of a crowded dining room. The gueridon solid wood trolleys are suitable for the most elegant and demanding environments, in fact in these environments is often required that the dishes are portioned in front of the customer directly by the Chef. Browse the online catalogue and you can buy your gueridon trolley at the best quality/price ratio, various models available with a wide choice of sizes, colours and composition.

The most popular gueridon trolleys are those made in different wood colours such as the traditional walnut, cherry or the most modern dark wenge. The gueridon trolleys are ideal for being placed side by side with the table and thanks to their small sizes they're perfect for those restaurants halls with a large number of tables. The gueridon food trolley is essential to ensure an impeccable room service, in our catalogue we offer a wide range of gueridon trolleys for the room service of bars and restaurants in sizes and shapes, ideal for a safe transport of food and beverage. Gueridon trolleys are great for carrying dishes, serving food, filleting, cleaning or boning food right in front of the customers' eyes.