Browse the online catalogue of professional dishwashers designed to meet all need related to catering activities such as bars or pastry shops. Professional dishwashers use the most advanced technologies ensuring an accurate washing and offering the best performance. You can buy your professional dishwasher at the best quality/price ratio, you can choose between mono-phase dishwashers for restaurants and three-phase industrial dishwashers, according to the available electric current and the type of use of the machine. The professional dishwasher with three-phase system is equipped with more powerful components suitable for better performances as well as for large and continuous workloads that absorb a greater amount of electricity. While the single-phase industrial dishwasher is particularly required by those with significantly lower consumption.

Which detergents should be used in professional dishwashers? It's always better to use special detergents and high quality brighteners formulated specifically for dishwashers. The products that must never be missing for a proper use of the dishwasher are:

  • Detergents, guarantee high level of cleanliness and hygiene by thoroughly disinfecting the dishes.
  • Brightener, to keep intact and clean the various components of the machine subject to wear due to the deposit of limestone. The brightener  also guarantees the perfect drying of glasses or dishes avoiding the annoying formation of water drops on the surface.

Our online catalogue offers you a complete selection of professional dishwashers that are a valuable support for all operators of a professional kitchen, these machines allow to wash and rinse the dishes in a short time, optimizing the time and ensuring maximum result. Take a look at dishwashers prices designed for optimal results with full warranty.

Dishwasher prices and high quality

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