The refrigerated cabinets keep food cool delaying the inevitable decay. When we have to buy a fridge we have to consider two features, the temperature that must never fall below 0 (to avoid freezing) must never increase too much, and humidity, which, if not suitable, could cause the loss of the organoleptic characteristics of the products and the proliferation of dangerous microorganisms.

The refrigerated cabinet can have positive, negative or combined temperature ideal for catering and gastronomic activities. In the dedicated section of our online store you can find professional refrigerated cabinets with static or ventilated refrigeration, specific for activities such as ice cream shops, pastry shops and restaurants, and for different kinds of food such as meat and fish. Professional refrigerated cabinets can meet the needs of each individual customer, available both in stainless steel models and in white metal sheet with the inside in ABS in full compliance with HACCP laws. Refrigerated cabinets are designed to handle both positive (+2°C/+8°C) and negative (-18°C/-22°C) temperature, indispensable in public places, some models have the electric automatic defrosting, a fast and effective system that can take place by means of a high temperature gas that flows in the pipes as soon as the engine stops, or by stopping the motor itseld.

Professional refrigerated cabinets

The latest generation of professional refrigerated cabinets have moderate consumption, are in fact well insulated and are equipped with gaskets for cold sealing and to maximize energy savings. Browse our online catalogue and choose between refrigerated cabinets with ventilated refrigeration (the cold is produced by a fan that sucks the hot air from the chamber to convey it to an evaporator to cool it) or static refrigeration (the cold is produced by a plate inside the chamber and the cold is propagated by radiation), less bulky than the deep-freezers and allow to store food in a more orderly and functional way, each refrigerated cabinet is an innovative and reliable solution in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations. Discover the sale of refrigerated cabinets on our online shop, robust refrigerated cabinets for restaurant available at the best quality/price ratio.