The wine dispenser is a machine useful in restaurants and wine shops to serve wine directly to the glass, wine dispensers allow to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the wine unchanged thanks to a nitrogen-based treatment. The wine dispenser for nitrogen allows to keep the wine for a long time by introducing an element that blocks oxidation, i.e. the nitrogen, usually the wine once opened comes into contact with oxygen and starts an oxidation process that alters its qualities. The refrigerated wine dispenser is very useful in restaurants where a bottle can remain open for weeks before being completely consumed. Modern wine dispensers have several features, such as:

  • digital thermometer;
  • electronic temperature controller;
  • automatic defrosting;
  • led for internal lighting.

Wine dispensers can contain from a minimum of 4 bottles to a maximum of 8 bottles at the same time and the wine can be stored up to 6 weeks. A bulk wine dispenser is a must for wine shops and restaurants that have a varied wine list, in our online catalogue wine dispensers of different models with digital temperature control.

Wine dispenser: what is it for?

The wine dispenser preserves, refrigerates and serves wine directly from bottle to glass, the main gases used are Nitrogen or Argon with food grade, both odorless and tasteless. The wine keeps its taste and its aromas unaltered for about four weeks. The main advantages of using a refrigerated wine dispenser are:

  • Waste reduction thanks to preset doses;
  • Ability to track transactions and statistics;
  • Increased profits thanks to increasing the supply of wines, also integrating high-end wines, without having to worry of going to waste them;