The glasswashers are machine suitable for pubs, bars and restaurants able to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of glasses and cups. Glasswashers are professional appliances for washing glasses and cups, and for this reason they hold a very important position because they carry out the cleaning operations with precision and especially in a short time given the pressing rhythms that characterize the working day of some catering activities. On our online store you can find on sale glasswashers for bars and with different heights, you can find both electromechanical and electronic models with round and square baskets, to meet different work and space needs. Are you looking for an efficient and reliable professional glasswasher? Discover our wide range of glasswashers to buy directly online for maximum performance, designed for the needs of each individual restaurant business the machines for washing glasses and cups make them clean and shiny in a short time. Glasswashers for professional catering

Our online sale of glasswashers tries to meet especially those who work in the professional kitchens of catering activities sucha as bars, canteens and restaurants, indispensable machines specialized in washing glasses, goblets and cups. The industrial glasswasher offers a wide range of high performance solutions, designed to achieve professional results in complete safety. Browse our online catalogue and choose the suitable glasswasher for your catering business in which there is a continuous flow of people consuming drinks, you can finally wash with ease and in a short time a large number of glasses obtaining brilliant washing results and ensuring 100% hygiene, bacteria will be eliminated thanks to the use of higher temperatures compared to the hot water that comes out of the sink. Manually washing dishes is an annoying task especially in an activity where you have to provide for several other requests, for this reason professional glasswashers are made. Also available over-the-counter glasswashers, which also help to have more respect for the environment by using less water than the traditional sink.

Glasswashers for bars, hotels, pubs, restaurants and wine shops

Glasswashers for bars and for all catering activities, Ristosubito bar glasswashers are machines designed to meet any type of need. Choosing a glasswasher is not that easy, it's an important element within a catering business such as bars, hotels or pubs. We can distinguish::

  • Mechanical glasswasher; cheaper but also the slowest, it allows a single washing time of 120 seconds, not suitable for large workloads.
  • Electronic glasswasher; fully automated, it allows a much faster washing cycle of only 90 seconds.

In our online catalogue you can buy the glasswasher suitable for your needs that can be used for bars, restaurants, pubs and small catering activities. Discover the professional glasswashers suitable to meet the needs of bars, ice cream shops and wine shops for sale at the best quality/price ratio.

Why buy glasswashers?

If you want always impeccably cleaned glasses, you must buy a glasswasher. Especially in professional kitchens, where maximum hygiene is required to ensure customers the use of dishes always perfectly clean and shiny, there must be a glasswasher. It's important to choose glasswashers according to the working capacity of your professional activity and the height of the stem of the glasses. Do you want to buy the best bar glasswasher ideal for bars, wine bars and restaurants? In this section Ristosubito offers the best glasswasher both electronic models with digital display and with manual controls. The glasswasher is like a dishwasher but dedicated to the washing of glasses mainly used in bars, pubs, sandwich shops and wine shops to quickly wash cups and glasses of any size. The operation of the washing machine is very simple, just start it and the water is sucked by a pump heated by an internal heating element, then the washing machine will pick up the detergent. The dirty water will then be discharged by pump and the glasses will be rinsed with water at a higher temperature; at this stage the rinse aid will be used to make the glasses more shiny. On Ristosubito professional glasswashers are suitable for bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels, ideal to satisfy any type of customer.

Electronic or mechanical glasswashers: which one to choose?

We offer you on Ristosubito models of both electronic and hand operated glasswashers. The glasswasher with manual controls are the most economical, but also the least performing, are in fact slower therefore not suitable for large work piers. The electronic glasswashers are fully automated and allow a much faster washing cycle.