Knife sterilizers are ideal for professional catering and especially for butcher shops. Knives are always in direct contact with food and it's for this reason that they need attantion in cleaning, to constantly be aseptic and free of bacteria harmful to health. Browse the online catalogue and you will find a wide range of sterilizers for knives online, stainless steel cabinets in which knives are placed and where a UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp in a few minutes radiates the knives making them totally sterilized both in the blade and the handle.

The sterilizer keeps knives sterile in kitchens, butcher shops, delis, food laboratories and supermarkets, just insert them in the appropriate grid and start the germicidal process. To work avoiding the proliferation of bacteria it's mandatory to follow the hygienic and sanitary regulations contained in the HACCP standard, Knives sterilizers allow the disinfection of knives used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. All professional knives sterilizers for sale on our online store are made of top quality materials and equipped with CE mark. Exterminate germs with knives sterilizers, reliable, safe and easy to use professional equipment, indispensable for the safety and hygiene of knives (useful against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mold, mites).